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Orlando Premium Vanilla 1000 ml

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Orlando Vanilla, 8% Alcohol, 1000 ml (33.80 fl.oz)

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Dark, Semi-clear

7 reviews for Orlando Premium Vanilla 1000 ml

  1. Nora (verified owner)

    I love this vanilla! I make professional cheesecakes and this is one of my secret ingredients that add to their wonderful flavor. It is also delightful in all my cookie and dessert recipes.

  2. Linda Faehnrich

    I have been using this for many years and there nothing that compares! Love the smell and taste! So happy you sell it here! For a few years I couldn’t find it and I panicked!

  3. Betsy Wilhelms

    Best Vanilla I’ve ever used! 16yrs and counting!

  4. Deborah

    I am absolutely THRILLED to find this website!!! I was gifted a bottle of this rare vanilla by a friend who visited Mexico. I have never experienced such an incredible vanilla in my life, and I am a professional cake decorator/baker! I nearly panicked when I realized my bottle is nearly half empty, and it was difficult to find this website. But all is well, and now I can continue to use my “secret weapon” that everyone raves about in all my pastries, cakes and sweets. Taking my Orlando vanilla away from me would be the same as taking away my “secret weapon…” I would be condemned to using the same, humdrum, nearly tasteless vanilla sold in the grocery stores.

  5. Jane

    I have never found any vanilla that even compares to this product. I recieved a bottle several years ago as baking is one of my true pleasures. As long as Orlando’s continues to make it, I will continue to buy it.

  6. Laurie D. Weaver

    I have been using Orlando Vanilla since before 2000.
    Simply NOTHING to compare with it.

  7. Jeff Green (verified owner)

    I have been using this vanilla (dark) exclusively since 2006. It is by far the best vanilla I have tasted. Most vanilla will get sediment on the bottom after sitting for a few months not this one. Sat in my late mother cupboard for over a year and no sediment. Cant be beat

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