Hello, and welcome to the Orlando family web site.
Orlando is a small family owned and operated vanilla company that was founded by Maria Teresa Ramos more than 30 years ago. Our entire work force is composed of family members.
The Orlando Vanilla factory is located in the quaint little village of Ixtapa, Jalisco which is 9 miles from the tourist capital of Mexico,  Puerto Vallarta .
The processing of natural vanilla is very important to us, not only because it sustains our family financially, but in sharing a product that originated in Mexico with the world.  We pride ourselves in producing the finest Mexican vanilla from mother Earth to your kitchen.
Our proprietary aging process starts with the selection of our own prime vanilla beans which contain over 150 flavor components. In order for these flavor components to blend together they require over one year of aging. Once the flavor components have blended with the added vanillin (the major flavor found in the bean),  we prepare the liquid and place it in the bottles.  We then age the liquid (much the same way wine is aged), allowing the full vanilla flavor to develop.

Unlike large vanilla companies who process vanilla by the tons, without quality control of the beans, we process small amounts and our whole process is done by hand from the vine to the finished product.
Discover the real flavor of original Mexican Vanilla.

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